Once you are admitted to the hospital and in active labor, please send me a quick text letting me know you are admitted. This allows me time to get my schedule in order for the next couple of days and find childcare for my children. I will need you to text me a second time after you have had your baby so we can schedule a time for me to come to the hospital. I know personally that having a baby can be tiring and texting people is the last thing on your mind, but the sooner you are able to send me a text the easier the scheduling process will be for both you and myself.

My cell phone number is (209)417-8530 .



    Congratulations! You've had your baby! We've scheduled your session. Now what? Fresh 48 Sessions are probably the easiest, most laid back sessions I offer. I am there to capture this very special time for you and your growing family. These sessions are typically in the moment and nothing else. I don't bring along any wraps or props as I do in an at home newborn session. There will be very minimal posing. It's just you and baby and any other immediate family members you choose to include. The only thing I ask is that you try to schedule the session around a feeding time so baby is nice and content during the session.

   Some new parents have certain things they would like to include such as matching robe and wrap for mom and baby, a letter board with stats, special blankets or mementos for mom or dad, etc. It is totally fine to include something like that! Just remember that we only have 40 minutes for this session so please prioritize what images might be more important to you.

   The typical order of pictures I do is family first, siblings (if any) second, baby with mom and baby with dad third, and finally images of just baby. This is typically a good time to introduce baby to any siblings as well as I am able to capture the exciting reactions of meeting the baby for the first time. This session will go by quick so please make sure everyone is ready at the start of your session time. Babies are unpredictable and have their own schedule. It is understandable if baby wants to eat (a perfect time to get feeding pictures if you want any!) or needs a diaper change. I will have some grace time built into your session, so please don't panic if anything happens to delay the session or make it longer.



    Some new moms, especially moms of girls, like to coordinate her outfit with baby. Companies sell matching robe and swaddle sets or you can create your own coordinating set. You are welcome to wear whatever you like though. Keep in mind you will have just given birth not too long before your session so you will want to be comfortable. Robes or loose sweats that still look good in pictures are perfect options!



    Once the session is over, I will pack up and head out. Within the first couple of days after your session, you will receive a gallery of unedited images from your session that I will give you instructions on how to select your images for me to edit. Once you select your images, I will begin editing your gorgeous images sometime in the following week or two after your session. Once I have a handful of images edited, I will post a small sneak peek for you on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Please allow up to 6 weeks after your session date for your full gallery to be delivered. Once the gallery is delivered, you may order any prints, albums, canvas prints, or any other products we may have discussed. 

I am looking forward to our session together and to meet your bundle of joy!

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